That's Cheating!!

My husband is a very keen mountain biker (one of the reasons we chose this area to live!) – he will ride down anything (even the Champery world cup track - those who know it, really know it!!)

What he loves most of all is heading out on some of the hidden trails in the area – he sets off from home after work and heads up, and up, and up. He does this thanks to his e-bike and he gets to some places that are totally inaccessible on a ‘normal’ bike. He then gets to enjoy what gives him the most buzz – riding back down again on the gnarly, twisty, narrow, steep tracks.

He gets home pretty tired, but not completely exhausted – having still had to work hard to get to the top.

Some people say that e-bikes are cheating, but he says that it’s assisting him to keep up his passion, even after 30 years.

Anyone who has an opinion on e-bikes, but hasn’t tried riding one, really should give one a go – even if it’s only from St. Jean to Morzine (my favourite e-bike route) – far less extreme, but definitely NOT CHEATING!